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    Karlo Turk

    Co-founder & CEO

    Karlo is the CEO and co-founder of NBM. He has a lot of experience in different types of gaming environments. As he started very young with both Chess and many other strategic games he felt that strategy was a key missing component in the play-to-earn environment on the WAX Blockchain. His goal is simple, create a unique experience that any user around the world can enjoy and benefit from it. Finally, with the great team of NBM on his side, they are all able to create something exciting, unique, and long-lasting among the gaming and crypto community for the years to come.

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    Vladyslav Holiaka

    Co-founder & advisor (Ex-Team Lead)

    Vladyslav has over 10 years of experience in software development (web, front-end, mobile, backend, gaming, crypto) leading the operations of huge projects with a massive user base.

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    Dennison R Indang

    Co-founder & Community Manager

    Dennison has been involved in cryptocurrency since 2017 and is a hardcore gamer. His business interest (conventional and now blockchain) have been always revolving around creating value and interest from every part involved. Dennison has vast experience in the organization of teams as he has shown already with UTD corp.

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    Dmitry Chalyi

    Co-founder & Head Designer

    Dmitry has been working in graphic design for over 15 years on a broad range of graphic programs. Currently, he is focused on designing high-quality 3D models.

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    Katerina Sheliuk

    Co-founder & UI/UX designer

    Katerina has been working as a designer with more than 9 years of experience in UI/UX. She strives to create a clear user experience and provide style to web and mobile interfaces.

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    Maxym Chalyi

    Tech Lead/ Developer

    Maxym Chalyi is known for exploring all his passions during his life, he decided to settle on his favorite one – software development. He has been developing for 10 years and we are glad to count on his vast experience since 2021.

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    Vitalii Kyryliuk

    Lead Designer for NBM Metaverse

    Vitalii is a team leader with more than 20 years of experience in 3D/CGI/Post-production areas. He has a great knowledge of all aspects of CGI creation for advertisements, movies, and real-time visuals. Possessing strong knowledge in development, he has recently switched to game development and will be involved in procedural world generation, game core development, and tools development for the metaverse.

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    Yurii Korchinskiy

    Lead Developer for NBM Metaverse

    Yurii is a software developer with 4 years of experience in Unity 3D and several on Unreal Engine 4. He has shown an outstanding knowledge of the life cycle of software development, coding, and debugging that will contribute to the sustainable delivery of new game mechanics to the 3D metaverse. In addition, he is a tryhard gamer, which will improve the quality of the gameplay experience.

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    Maksym Hashevskyi


    With more than 12 years of experience in the IT field, Maksym specializes in working with databases and everything related to the backend of web development. He is fond of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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    Vitalii Yakovlev

    Front End Developer

    Vitaly Yakovlev is a prolific web developer with many years of experience. He has been working with UTD corp since 2021.

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    Aleksandr Bednichenko

    Junior Front End Developer

    Aleksandr is based in Ukraine and will be working and helping out in the front-end development aspect for the current 2D NFT-based card game.


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